Friday, 25 April 2014

My wool quilt

I made this quilt using 'household objects'
as would often have been done originally.

The mug and saucer created the middle circle rings
The glass - bottom left I used to outline the spiral which I then filled in by hand/eye
It's a lovely free/organic way to work and mark up your quilt top.

I used soap to mark the quilt top (see bottom right)
As you can see I'm marking it up and hand quilting it as I go along.

The centre all finished

Almost there now.
In fact I thought this quilt was finished.
And sent it to hang in a local Exhibition.
But when I saw it hanging I realised that the leaf shapes
along the bottom of the above picture  needed more quilting.
In fact if I could have taken it down there and then to finish it I would have!
 A close-up of the unfinished leaves. 
So, as soon as I got my quilt back, I stitched a simple swirl in the leaf shapes
and it made all the difference to the overall look for the quilt.

 That's better!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Welsh Quilting Talk

I recently gave my talk on Welsh Quilting/Quilts to a local group called Positive Thinkers.
And what a lovely group of Positive Thinkers they were.

It's been a little while since I've given this talk. And I had forgotten just how much I enjoy sharing my love of Welsh Quilts with others.

As well as talking about the history of Welsh Quilts I like to throw in a few modern/contempory/fun Welsh pieces in.
The one above is the first of my contemporary challenge quilts - all with a Welsh Theme (I'll post more about them another time).

 I was so pleased that they really got my miniature Welsh Quilts
And fully appreciated just how much work went into freemotion quilting them.

 I've also hand quilted a few with contrast colour stitching
so the quilting patterns really pop.
Of course I took some old Welsh Quilts
so I could show/describe the quilt patterns 
 A beautiful quilt but very heavy due to the sheep wool wadding/batting.

This one was on loan from my friend Win.
Win can tell you the full history of this quilt.
In fact I spent a few hours with her last week taking pictures of and documents this wonderful quilt.
So I'll  be making a blog post dedicated to Win's quilt soon.

This is just a taste of the quilts I took - but it gives you a flavour of my talk. 

I so enjoyed the evening - thank you Positive Thinkers.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Welsh Quilting - By Machine!!

My first proper post on this blog.....
And I thought I'd start with something to get you talking/thinking.
Now usually I hand quilt my Welsh Quilts and love doing so.
Welsh Quilts = Hand Quilting
One day I decided to see just how small I could machine quilt (freemotion machine quilt).
Inspired by the book
Making Welsh Quilts by Mary Jenkins and Claire Claridge
I used their plan for The Brecon Star Quilt quilting - as it was on the book page.
No enlarging for me
And I made this rather lovely piece. It's A4 size, that's the size of a normal piece of photocopy paper.

But - don't try this at home folks!
Well you can if you want.
But Remember this quilt is very small.

When I tried to machine quilt a more normal sized Welsh Quilt I didn't like the results.
So it's hand quilting for the rest of my Welsh Quilts - unless I decide to make another miniature that is!

To see more pictures of this quilt view my gallery page - you will have to scroll down the page to find the pictures.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Getting Started

Just like this piece of work
This blog is very much a W.I.P.
Work in process.
Watch this space.........