The centre back of one of my Welsh Quilts
 A sample piece of Welsh Quilting I made
as a handling sample for a Welsh Quilt
being exhibited by The Quilters Guild of the British Isles

My 'Wizards' Quilt
so named because while I was making it
everyone thought I was making a quilt
for the local rugby team Aberavon 
Also know as The Wizards
(it was their colours)
 A close up of the quilting in the centre of
The Wizards quilt

This quilt is a work in process

Inspired by a quilt I saw at Jen Jones

And now for some freemotion machine Welsh quilting
I wanted to see just how small I could
freemotion Welsh Quilt
 These are an A4 sized piece

And as with so many Wholecloth Welsh Quilts
I've used different coloured fabrics
(gold for the front and pink for the back)
 Using the quilting plan for
the Brcon Star Quilt
Mary Jenkins & Clare Claridge's wonderful book
Making Welsh Quilts

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